Distill Analytics
A New Alternative Data Edge
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Distill Analytics

A New Alternative Data Edge 

Distill Analytics measures corporate leadership teams' decisiveness and drivers using quarterly earnings call transcripts.

Remote psychometric profiling is used in military, political, and aerospace applications to understand decision makers and forecast organizational behaviour.

Distill Analytics is bringing these techniques to the investment world.


A Unique Corporate Leadership Factor

Distill's data provides unique, uncorrelated dimensions for inclusion in Quantitative models

Find deviations from the Norm

Changes in how stable teams communicate can inform strategies and allocation of research efforts

Insights into leadership dynamics

Understand corporate leadership to inform fundamental investment strategies and hypothesis generation


Get more out of earnings calls!

We generate remote psychometric profiles on how people think and what drives them to act. Earnings call transcripts are acquired, individuals on the calls are identified, company representatives are profiled, and a numerical corporate leadership value and volatility value for the quarter is assigned. The results are delivered via API or csv.

Using these techniques Distill Analytics generates two distinct data products. Both can be included quantitative models or fundamental analysis.

  • Cognition Data - an automated metric with demonstrated forecasting value and quick turn around times

  • Management Fundamentals Index - a data-driven deep dive assessment revealing factors that drive action, enabling more informed investment decisions

Earnings Calls transcripts are cleaned, scored, and metrics are delivered via API

Earnings Calls transcripts are cleaned, scored, and metrics are delivered via API

Cognition Data

Know when corporate decisions are likely to be enacted