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The People behind the Profiles

Distill Analytics is led by experts in remote psychometric profiling technologies.

The founders have developed and adapted specific tools and algorithms that deliver the value of psychometric profiling to investment managers.

Distill Analytics is based in Vancouver BC, where these techniques were developed and refined.



Founding Team


Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Cross, MBA

Ryan Cross is a CEO who builds engaged and high performing interdisciplinary teams to tackle complex problems. His belief is that knowledge and information that is common in one domain can have revolutionary impact in another: modelling human behaviour for security and defence applications is not unusual, yet it’s a foreign concept to investment managers.

Ryan spent nearly a decade working for the world leading authority in remote psychometric assessment. There he helped develop tools and techniques used to inform models of human behaviour that do not require the compliance of the target. These tools are now used to model adversarial intent in military, security, and intelligence agencies, in addition to applications in political, aerospace, mountaineering, and search and rescue.

Ryan has a significant publication and conference record linking of these indicators to psychological data, as well as considerations of the methodological challenges inherent in this task. Ryan has lead, managed, and coordinated, multiple major research projects relating psychometric assessment of foreign adversaries to conflict outcomes.

To build on his applied research experience, Ryan completed an MBA, during which he recognized a significant informational gap in the financial world: investment managers were unaware that tools existed that could reliably and accurately profile the executives. Distill Analytics brings the tools to the customers.

Ryan completed a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia, a comprehensive MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, and is completing a Master of Arts in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada.


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Chief technology officer

Caleb Buxton

Caleb Buxton is a polyglot developer with deep technical expertise, who’s built & led technology teams from inception through multi-million dollar exit.

At Distill Analytics, Caleb is the Chief Technology Officer building products and systems for his team and investment managers to understand and use remote psychometric profiling in public markets.

Caleb believes that at the fringes of human knowledge there is vast opportunity to find innovations to bring to market. He loves the challenge of grasping momentous changes in technology and science, seeking out the people whose practices can be improved by it, and building products that enable them to create new value in their lives.

Caleb has 15 years experience building novel technology products for startups. For Partnerpedia he commercialized patents for administration code injection of pre-built mobile applications so enterprises could exercise control over applications they distribute to staff’s mobile devices, and lead the teams building innovative enterprise app store products through to acquisition by BMC. In prior startups, Caleb’s been the first hire to build products ranging from distributed visual programming development environments; cashier auditing and surveillance tools to curb employee fraud; and end-to-end attendance, scheduling and payroll auditing systems to increase the autonomy of retail chain managers. Caleb’s repeated ability to build and deliver products which solve complicated business problems makes him indispensable in technology startups.

Caleb studied Interaction Design at SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology.



Chief Scientific officer

Lesley Duncan, PhD

Lesley Duncan is a Chief Scientific Officer who works with her team to translate the seemingly irrational complexity of human behaviour into understandable, applicable, and useful patterns for investment managers.

Lesley believes there is a vast amount of value in scientific knowledge that doesn’t make it to the real world. She wants to make sure that information moves beyond the pages of journals and makes its way into the hands, minds, and technology builds of individuals who can make the most of it. The current implementation of this desire is the development and applications of Distill Analytics' methodologies.

Lesley has a depth of experience generating operationally relevant insights for a variety of public and private sector organizations including municipal, provincial, and federal governments, telecommunications, insurance, and professional organizations. She spent seven years as a  professional market research supplier at NRG Research Group, and maintains close academic contacts to remain on the cutting edge of new research. She has been an invited speaker at UBC, SFU, and University of Kentucky. Lesley is published in peer reviewed scientific journals and has presented at academic conferences.

Lesley is a certified program evaluator. She is a past president of the BC Chapter of the Market Research and Intelligence Association and a Certificate of Academic Excellence Laureate awarded by the Canadian Psychological Association.

Lesley holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of British Columbia.



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