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Cognition Data

 Deliberative or Decisive?

Cognition Data is a unique dimension for understanding and modelling corporate performance based on corporate leadership teams’ current and evolving decision making state.

Investment managers are now able to model and forecast the impact management has on company specific risk and viability.

Deliberative scores in Cognition Data imply the consideration of alternative courses of action or complex situation. More decisive scores in Cognition Data indicate leaders are clear in their course of action. Tracking the current and evolving decision making state using remote psychometric profiling data based on quarterly earnings conference call transcripts allows models to account for individual differences in leadership that contribute to idiosyncratic risk.

        Deliberative or Decisive?

        Deliberative or Decisive?



Automated scoring algorithms mean no waits for quarterly updates


Consistent Comparisons over time, across companies and between sectors


Alerts indicate significant aberrations in Cognition Data levels


How Cognition Data works:

cognition chart.png

Distill Analytics provides historical psychometric data for each company, with updates following each earnings call.