Distill Analytics
A New Alternative Data Edge


Quantify and Model Corporate Leaders

Distill Analytics measures the decision making styles and motivational drivers of corporate leadership teams by applying remote psychological profiling techniques to the text of quarterly earnings calls transcripts.

Distill Analytics’ remote psychometric profiling is a globally unique approach to the evaluation corporate leaders. Remote psychometric profiling is used to understand decision makers and forecast organizational behaviour in military, politics, and aerospace applications.

These techniques generate unbiased assessments of corporate leaders, providing numeric outputs for use by investment managers to include data on corporate leadership performance in assessments and forecasts of company performance



  • Requires only text as input - no need for audio recordings, only the words are used in the assessment
  • Comprehensive Coverage - any company with available earnings call transcripts can be profiled
  • Algorithms generate numeric values and volatility scores - consistent metrics allow comparisons across companies and sectors
  • Updates delivered quarterly - new metrics available as earnings call transcripts are released

How it works:


Distill Analytics’ quarterly psychometric score for a public company of interest is based on the communications from corporate leadership team members’ on the call.

Each quarter a new psychometric score from the call is generated, added to the historical profile, and mapped to the company stock symbol.

Up-to-date data and reporting is delivered to investment managers through an easy to integrate csv or API format.



Continuously expanding universe of coverage

Distill has a continuously expanding database of companies on which we have over ten years of historical data to model corporate leadership. When a new earnings call transcript is published, Distill Analytics analyzes the text using our psychometric algorithms.


Cognition Data

Know when decisions are likely to be enacted

Distinguish between decisive and deliberative leadership teams