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Management Fundamentals

Deep Dive into Management Dynamics

Leaders achieve goals they value. Management Fundamentals measure what drives leaders.

The Management Fundamentals uses a suite of psychometrics, including Cognition Data, to generate detailed assessments of a targeted executive team. The reports provide a picture of how individual leaders, and the entire team as a whole, navigate business cycle transitions and systemic volatility.

These techniques are used by military intelligence services. They provide insight into the core qualities that drive people. The signals that are generated indicate likely pivot points in management behaviour.

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Four metrics provide a comprehensive picture of how the team functions

Expert Interpretation

Experts interpret results to generate a new level of insight and understanding

Risk reduction

Metrics can be applied to increase the ability to forecast outcomes


How Management Fundamentals work:

Track Teams Through Time

Management Fundamentals lets you track companies over time to distinguish stable well performing teams from volatile leadership patterns. 


Individual Executive Profiles

Compare Individual Leaders to our benchmarks to determine who is likely to contribute to value creation.